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"Nothing, until the North Cang Ling School of Natural'll meet. " The hall, and instantly silent, and even that a dozen older students are at this time slowly opened his mouth, looked stunned teenagers below, this guy is too much of it? Even dare to challenge Enron? That white-haired old man called the White, also smiling, looking at this dust, animal husbandry, and not a word of what was actually a block. As can be seen grazing mysteries of black dust reel, that is because he was able to enter the heart array state, otherwise, dust, animal husbandry believe, even for as a secondary spiritual matrix division here, still can not find the black spool hidden Diagrams." Dust, animal husbandry, waved away the central focal point for the TV drama, Los glass and leaves Brisk, who is also fast to keep up." Liu Jing Shan looked indifferent animal husbandry Feng, deep-set eyes in passing cold color, said: "But today, I would dare to disrupt the spiritual environment of North Willow domain dominate the pace, and that the wife can only be denied him personally It is necessary to seek advice on the next to Liu Father about it!" Animal husbandry Feng also Senleng eyes down, he knows hostile grazing fields and willow domains, which Liu scared mountain is absolutely not easily let go of him, in that case, might as Sipin in the end.

Just when that road Zijin beam Chongshangyunxiao, all are aware, this spiritual power fluctuations between heaven and earth, suddenly becoming extremely violent up at this time, with giant sound vaguely resounded from the sky above the sky. Shi Hao surprised. The fall did not result in dust, animal husbandry, frustrated, and now his strength is not enough, not to mention the complete version of the "demon Lin Tu Ling array," is what he can check it out in this part of the array map, roughly seems to take a whole one hundred Indian spirit, herd dust from this number, it is far too poor too far, perhaps only some excellent three spiritual matrix division, just barely able to meet this requirement. "It's like something out of from under the earth!" Sudden changes, so that was the presence of almost everyone is shocked, immediately rushed to invest in that round after round eyes that cracked earth, I saw was this world is rapidly melting snow and ice, the earth is becoming somewhat dark up, between heaven and earth temperature, rapid upgrade of. cheap nhl jerseys for sale

However, dust, animal husbandry, apparently also through his Spirit Movies idea immediately pushed to the extreme step, turned debut Road fuzzy shadow, so that was that was actually dark Liu could not catch him themselves." Dust, animal husbandry, stature suddenly Dayton down. cheap nhl jerseys free shipping Yue Wan Tao broken palm!" Liu Jing Shan freezing cold eyes, suddenly a hand to shoot, I saw surging spiritual forces have swept out from his palm. cheap nhl jerseys Seed places? This here, just a thing to attract trouble yourself only. Fang Qi Zhong Chu as one, the former Qing Ke a cry suddenly, smiling and said: "Brother, animal husbandry, and we are also very interested, if you can, see if we can add us?" "Day order they reveal fine soul, we demand is not great, after all, we have been refining the fine soul, although you can re-refining, but too much trouble, so for the time being not rob this.