One of ICEHO’s chief activities is to organize a World Congress of Environmental History (WCEH) every 5 years.

ICEHO was a co-sponsor of the first World Congress of Environmental History held in Copenhagen, Denmark, August 4-8, 2009 which brought together more than 500 scholars from all over the globe, giving them a unique opportunity of to learn from each other and to create an overarching picture of the relationship of people and the environment through time. Interactions are found on many scales, from the local to the global. Resource issues cross national boundaries and ecosystem boundaries. Looking at our challenges from multiple perspectives, multiple spatial and temporal scales, and varied politics, economies and disciplines is the only way to enlighten the complex challenge of creating a sustainable future. A recap of the Congress was posted on the FHS blog Aug. 21, 2009.

The second World Congress of Environmental History took place July 8-12, 2014. The event was hosted in the cultural capital of Europe 2012, the beautiful northern Portuguese town of Guimarães. The conference was co-sponsored by the University of Minho and the International School Congress/International Workshop on Environmental History group (ISC/IWEH). The theme of the Congress, ‘Environmental History in the Making’, aimed to create synergy among all scholars engaged in environmental history, to fathom the reach of the field and to investigate its focus areas and theoretical underpinnings.

We are currently planning the third World Congress of Environmental History.