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She saw three people together to attack, but did not panic, the hand grip, I saw it was on the Haowan "Long Jiao Ling ring" is a burst of intense light, crimson dragon and a giant roar Jiao grazing, carrying shaking force, the fiercely against the trio swept away, along the way among the many pillars, give away was crushed. wholesale football jerseys free shipping Su Xuan is also the first cicada point, he said: "Perhaps Before long, this light curtain can no longer stop us broke into" "This time the Raiders, we have to be more careful, the White Dragon City well prepared, like a tiger, they are the most powerful contender" Dust, animal husbandry, also heard a laugh, eyes sweeping the sweep around and said: "But their strength is not too strong a good, at least they will alert other forces, that time probably will join forces to deal with them, and maybe we are Indiana is able to take this opportunity. wholesale football jerseys "Are you a man?" Su Qing Li Xuan and they are surprised, somewhat startled to see the animal husbandry and dust, apparently did not think the latter will make such a request. And in between his horror, dust, animal husbandry, but it is like a ghostly figure appeared in front of his body, Quanfeng he is whistling.

The dragon magic guard upper clothes almost instantly reduced to ashes, a black handprint appear thereafter vest, a blood spit out the kind of overbearing black inflammation, is directly into his body, he will be instantly meridians Sunburn roasted twisted up. "Ethereal broken palm" Enron hand shoved shoot, spiritual power Gudang, brought up amazing momentum, fiercely dust and animal husbandry regret Quanfeng hard together. It contains amazing breeze gun shadow, in the bloody encounter evil spirits that layer, which contains the spiritual power, is that evil spirits will be eroded, but residual winds, dust, animal husbandry is still in the body surface, leaving a Road shallow bloodstains. wholesale football jerseys from china

"With you, I want to stop me?" White Xuan looked at the offensive collision between the eyes sneer even more, his hand suddenly grip and saw it was blood-red python is loud shouts, that evil spirits, suddenly soared. Dust, animal husbandry, looked attentively, jade abnormal bone surface smooth, without the slightest flaw, like a perfect work of art, but because jade bone sparkling sake, actually saw dust, animal husbandry, within that jade bone, but there are still a bit presents golden color of blood, the slowly flowing. "It's just a form of spiritual power, turned out nothing" Jiu bird wings stretch a bit, the sound is in the hearts of animal husbandry sounded dust, dust, animal husbandry and then look at it, and said:"And I do not want to drag your dead" Dust, animal husbandry, helpless smile, has a blood link between them, if he was the king of the fire killed the python spirit, then, even jiu bird deaths will follow. He said: "You always do, do not let someone else own meddling" Dust, animal husbandry, a wry smile, he knew she was talking about spiritual path that thing.