ICEHO is governed by an elected Board of Directors and the General Assembly of members. The General Assembly meets at least once every two years and at every World Congress of Environmental History. All current members are invited to have one voting representative attend the General Assembly.

The Board of Directors consists of Officers, Ordinary Members, and the Immediate Past President.

Officers (3 year term, 2016-2019 for President and Vice-President; 4 year term, 2017-2021 for Secretary and Treasurer):

  • Verena Winiwarter, President

  • Claudia Leal, Vice-President

  • Bo Poulsen, Secretary

  • Steven Anderson, Treasurer

Ordinary Members (3 year term, 2016-2019):

  • James Beattie (New Zealand)

  • Siddhartha Krishnan (India)

  • Alan MacEachern (Canada)

  • Mucha Musemwa (South Africa)

  • Daisy Onyige (Nigeria)

  • Shen Hou (China)

Immediate Past President and Bulletin Editor:

  • Libby Robin

ICEHO operates under Bylaws which were adopted in 2011.

The ICEHO Logo

Our logo was generously created for ICEHO by Dr. Bjørn Laursen, associate professor in the Department of Communication and Humanities, Roskilde University, Denmark.

Professor Laursen is an acclaimed graphic designer, artist, and author. His most recent works include an interactive book that is being installed at The Viking Museum in Roskilde, and “The All Saints Night Lightening,” 2013-2015, in downtown Roskilde, which he developed in cooperation with light-artist Dr. Honoris Causa.

We are grateful for Professor Laursen's contributions.