Member organizations have a full voice in the activities of the Consortium. Initially, the main focus will be on organizing the World Congress of Environmental History. Additional projects, programs and activities will be determined by the membership.

The Consortium's programs aim to:

  • Facilitate interaction between environmental history organizations and their members through meetings, symposia, and electronic means; and especially through the organizing of a periodic World Congress of Environmental History.
  • Provide open access worldwide to environmental history research, data, analysis, and interpretive results to Corporation members and the interested public.
  • Encourage and promote research in environmental history for the benefit and well-being of humanity and its environment including global issues of concern to the world community as well as economic, social and environmental concerns important on a local and regional scale.
  • Contribute to the development of training in environmental history worldwide.
  • Promote the understanding and dialogue between different cultures as they relate to environmental history including scholarly and traditional knowledge.
  • Provide assistance in establishing and strengthening international, national or regional structures in environmental history.
  • Facilitate the exchange of syllabi and strengthen databases on environmental history.
  • Obtain funding to enable the Corporation to further its aims and objectives.